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There are two ways to get copies. First, if you don’t need certified copies, the easiest way is through the internet at PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records), an online service that lets you access, download, and print copies of case and docket information from all federal courts.NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND records administration bankruptcy CASES – ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS Expedite your order; submit it online at:. charge of $15.00 for all packages delivered by mail or express shipping. A package may contain a maximum of. paper copies will be delivered via mail) delivery method: (select one) Paper Copies by Mail . Fax.Get Your bankruptcy records fast! 1. Complete bankruptcy file includes all documents related to the case: voluntary petition, all schedules, orders on all motions, and discharge order. Includes all creditors in case. 2. Schedules & discharge papers include schedules D, E, F, and discharge order. Includes all creditors in case.Copies of bankruptcy documents can be obtained in a variety of ways depending on when the case was filed and/or closed. Beginning with 1998 cases and forward, copies of bankruptcy and adversary case documents are available through our electronic case filing system (ecf). case documents can be viewed and printed from your computer.When the Bankruptcy Court completes it’s work (supervising the disbursement of assets to pay creditors), and is satisfied that the requirements of a bankruptcy restructuring have been met, under whatever chapter of the bankruptcy code was used, a.

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