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The East Northport resident has built a reputation as a mashup video hitmaker. But for Schleichkorn, a video editor and producer by day for a small Long Island marketing and advertising company,We wanted to create a better looking Youtube mashup alternative with more options for customization and a sense of community around it. What does vMashup offer? You can mute or pick a specific volume for each video. You can pick starting times for each video. In near future you’ll be able to pick end times and other fun stuff as well.With an interest both in web design, development and social media marketing I had a keen interest in watching Facebook’s Developer conference this year (f8 facebook live).It was held in San Francisco so was on late in the evenings here in the UK live, but the different sessions were available the day after.thought leadership monday mashup: inbound Marketing with Interactive Video Tweet Inbound marketing and its most recent iteration, interactive inbound marketing, changes the style of communication that your company has with customers.Given the enormous size of Donald Trump’s ego and how obsessed he is with building a wall, it’s surprising that no one has thought to throw his chemically tinged dome into a Game of Thrones scene.The best marketing idea this week comes from Lucidchart with an excellent example of how you can use video to demonstrate your product. They’ve done this through a series of short youtube videos, and some excellent humorous copywriting (at least it was funny to me).A video mash-up is when several different videos are combined into one. Often, the videos don’t originally have a similar theme that links them to each other — they’re simply "stuck" together to create an interesting or funny video. Mash-up videos are easy to create. You don’t need to be a professional or own.The term ‘mashup’ emerged in the media-sphere within the past decade as people seized on the opportunities that new media software and hardware technologies provided. It became much easier to combine snippets of songs, video, or graphics from different sources to create new and diverse content.director of product marketing for Serena Business Mashups: · Screen shot of Serena Mashup Composer:.

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